Before and After

iq option maximum investment From the photos it’s actually hard to tell who has human hair extensions or who has mono fibre, it’s hard to tell that they have extensions at all let alone what kind or brand, its only on close inspection can you tell they are wearing them, in fact the only way you can really tell is not by looking but by feeling at the bonds, only then can you say for sure that they were wearing hair extensions, this is exactly what we strive to do to make them look as natural as possible.
The first photo top left is dome monofibre which looks fabulous in bright orange, the middle two top photos are before & after easilocks which also look stunning in a blonde mix, the girl top right had 22″ blonde hair extensions from Cinderella, the rest of the photos are mixed between Russian, European, Indian and Brazilian hair in I tip pre bonded, nano ring , micro ring, micro loop, hair wefts, fusion bonded and clip in hair extensions etc.
have a browse through the photos and let us know your thoughts or let them give you inspiration and ideas for yourself so you can have the best hair extensions around

Saint Lucia IQ option