My name is Sammyjo Pearson, I am the proud owner of Longlox Hair Extensions which I opened in 2005,

I have been a trained hair extensionist for over twelve years and throughout those years I have made sure myself and my staff have had the professional training in every form of hair extensions whether it be Easilocks, Cinderella, Dome monofibre, Nanolox, Minilox hair extensions etc thus giving potential clients the confidence and piece of mind when considering where to go for their hair extensions.

I work alongside several other girls who are my family and friends, we have Beverley who looks after admin and accounts, Tamlyn who is our receptionist who also looks after customer care / social media, myself, Abby, Ashlee & Shannon are extensionists, Ashley again who is also manager of beauty treatments and the new additions to our team “Jemma & Chloe” who are both professional hair stylists looking after cutting, styling and colouring etc. We all have, wear, and love hair extensions, and each girl brings her own talents, passion and experience to Longlox in order to provide the best possible results for every client.

I started out in this industry in 2003 by taking a training course with Dome monofibre which was all the rage at the time, after training I worked from home for around 18 months mainly doing friends hair and a few referals from them. I quickly realized that doing hair extensions on a kitchen chair was not at all a good thing and in order to give a more professional service I would need a salon which was fully kitted out for my trade with washing facilities, drying and a full range of salon tools etc. it wasn`t long before I found a suitable premises in Lemington, Newcastle upon Tyne which is where I have been based for the past ten years. At first like any business it was slow going until the word spread and we got referal after referal from satisfied clients.
I feel so humbled when my clients tell me that they know Longlox Hair Extensions will provide them with perfection every single time and they would never go anywhere else.

Over the years new methods such as micro-ring, micro-loop and brands such as our own Nanolox, Minilox,  Easilocks and cinderella etc have appeared which has been great news for our industry as more people have become aware of hair extensions and what they could do for them, we now have 9 different hair extension methods and brands to choose from which will be ideal for people with thick or thin hair, long and short hair etc.
I feel very lucky to have had exceptional growth over the years which has been achieved with the help of our dedicated staff who love meeting clients and making them feel as comfortable as possible throughout having hair extensions fitted or which ever other service the client may choose.
We are so grateful for all the support we have had throughout the years from our loyal clients who have become good friends which is I have to tell you is one of the reasons myself and the girls absolutely love the job.
We are in the process of moving to a new salon which will be fully equipped with the state of the art equipment for hair extensions and beauty treatments etc. We are expecting the completion date around February 2016 and although were all really excited we can not wait for completion.

It will be a sad day when we move as we have so many fond memories over the years of our little lemington salon.

Sammyjo Pearson