Here at Longlox, we’re absolutely delighted to be the first salon in the northeast of England to be approved as an official Easilocks hair extensions stylist by Shane O’Sullivan, the director of this revolutionary new way of providing women with the finest in 100% human hair extensions. Easilocks (also known as Easylocks) is the hair extension system which has both celebrities and ordinary women raving, talking about how they’re amazed at how natural their hair looks, how easy the system is to install and maintain, and how the budget is perfect for their needs. If you’ve heard of Easilocks, and you’re looking for Easilocks specialists in Newcastle, we know Longlox is the choice for you.


Celebrities are able to get the best of the best when it comes to looking beautiful, and for many stars, Easilocks is the system they return to again and again. Some of the most popular Easilocks hair extension wearers are Amanda harington & Gillian O`Toole, Katie Price, Lucy Mecklenburgh, Rochelle from the Saturdays, Amy Childs, Georgia Salpa, and many more! As an official Easilocks salon, Longlox in Newcastle Upon Tyne has had the privilege of meeting well-known celebrities who have been referred to us from Easilocks; we’re more than proud of the beautiful work we’ve done for them, which has helped us to grow our relationship with Easilocks and their amazing system. Of course, we’re committed to delivering the same fantastic quality and results for every one; you don’t need to be a star to look and feel like one!

Extensions are beautiful, but so is your natural hair – and with Easilocks hair extensions, you’re guaranteed a system of human hair extensions which will not damage your own wonderful hair. With no heat, no glue, no sewing, and no braiding, you’ll be amazed at how natural your Easilocks hair extensions look, how easy they are to install, and how good they feel for months! It’s the 21st century, and the days of suffering for the beauty you desire is long behind us; without stressing or damaging your hair or hair follicles, you’ll be left with the kind of princess tresses and celebrity curls that you’ve been dreaming of.

Gillian-OtooleOne of the most impressive benefits of Easilocks hair extensions is that they can be worn for three months without any salon visits needed, making it one of the easiest ways to make your hair look its best. The 100% human hair blends in with your natural tresses to give you an absolutely stunning, natural-looking style. In addition, the system is “root correct”, freeing you from the stresses and worries which used to make some hair extensions frustrating. No matting, tatting, or shredding will threaten your gorgeous hair, so that you can feel beautiful from first to last moments of wearing your Easilocks extensions. The life of the extensions is also impressive, given that they can be reused again and again, saving your wallet and your budget while still allowing you to look as good as you ever have before.

This is accomplished by the revolutionary hair extension system which Easilocks uses for all of its gorgeous human hair extensions. Similar to micro-ring applications, Easilocks involves clamping a simple upper tube to the root of your natural hair, making it stress-free for your hair and hair follicle. However, these Easilocks tubes are 60% smaller than micro-ring beads, making them hard to detect with the human eye. This is critical for achieving a flawless and natural look, and for ensuring the “root correct” extensions which will save you from matting, shedding, and all of the other frustrations which other systems can cause.

alex-rose-leeAvailable in a wide range of 32 stunning colours, as well as 18” and 22” lengths, Easilocks is also amazingly customisable. Since it is made of the highest quality 100% human hair from around the world, Easilocks can be treated just as normal hair. It can be dyed to give you the exact shade you’ve been searching for, cut to blend in gorgeously with your natural hair and complement your personal style, styled to perfection, and much more. The advantages of real human hair are countless, and with Easilocks you can be guaranteed beauty both now, and throughout the long life of your reusable extensions. Celebrities know that this is the system for them, and there’s little question that Easilocks devotees are springing up everywhere – once you’ve had Easilocks extensions, it would be a hard sell moving to any other program! Easilocks extensions are also extremely comfortable to both apply and wear, allowing you to sleep soundly without any pinching, and knowing that when you wake up your hair will be as fabulous as it is in your best dreams. Forget being high-maintenance, because with Easilocks you can exercise, swim, relax in the sauna, and do anything else you want to do, without worrying that you’ll damage your hair, another benefit of easilocks that our big brother friend Alex rose lee has encountered is after two years of wearing them she has realised her own hair has grown thicker and become stronger, she could not thank us enough

thank-you-longlox-alexOf course, all hair extensions need care to keep looking their best, and Easilocks is no exception. Your experienced and knowledgeable Longlox stylist will be able to coach you through the simple ways to keep your extensions looking as gorgeous as the moment you turned to meet the mirror. Many of these simple tips are familiar to long-time hair extension wearers, such as ways to wash your hair and products to use (leave-in conditioners at the tips and silicone/sulphate free shampoos are the best for your human hair extensions). Special brushes are also recommended, as these carefully developed looped brushes will avoid catching on or snagging the tubes which adhere the Easilocks extensions to your own hair, while ensuring that the root correct system stays in place and leaves you with the best hair days of your life.

As the foremost Easilocks hair extensions specialists in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we know that Longlox is the right choice for you and your hair. Recommended by elebrities, ordinary women, and Easilocks themselves, Longlox is the best choice for Easilocks in Newcastle. We’re committed to making sure you leave us happy, comfortable, and beautiful!



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