If you’ve always dreamed of having gorgeous fabulous flowing long locks, now you can realize that dream with the help of longlox. Longlox human hair extensions are the absolute ultimate in hair extensions, the hair is of the highest grade available and is carefully double drawn from 1st quality human Remy hair, this process ensures the hair length is consistent from the nanoring bond to the tip with all the strands same length,  ensuring it looks smooth, silky and blends in with your real hair, our hair is sourced from reliable international suppliers who them selves are fanatical about quality, we have taken many years to partner with such professional suppliers and having seen their production facility we are satisfied we were dealing with the very best, the feed back from our clients has been fantastic and we appreciate there great reviews.

Our beautiful Tamlyn Smith on winning another of her beauty competitions

Our gorgeous Tamlyn Smith on winning another of her many beauty competitions

Longlox hair extensions are striving to be the best & are evolving to ensure absolute perfection! whilst other brands are perfect in many ways and have a fabulous reputations it may have been a few years since their inception and they may not have taken on board the improvement’s that have become available over the last few years, our hair extensions however evolve as we find the finest hair available and latest method of attachment ensuring you get the best hair extensions available, we are constantly aware of this changing market and are proactively looking for new and innovative ways of enhancing our product.

we hold stock of 18″, 22″ and 24″ long hair extensions in around 28 different colours which can be mixed and blended together to create virtually any colour imaginable, they can be used to match or enhance your own hair, we are also able to supply much longer at 26″ and even 30″ hair extensions to order, our human hair extensions are available in both straight and bodywave textures and can be styled as you would your own natural hair. This is one of the upsides of longlox 100% human hair – dye it, style it, cut it, and it will keep on looking beautiful and natural all the while! and after your fitting our experienced stylists will advise you on simple tips to keep it looking its best. For the attachment to your hair we use the tiniest nanoring available around 2mm in diameter which sit neatly and comfortable within your hair, adding to this we use coloured nano rings which closely match the colour of your hair making them virtually undetectable.

full head of hair extensionsAs mentioned above our human hair extensions are “Remy” meaning mildly processed, root correct which means all of the hair cuticles are facing the same way so greatly reducing tangles and matting, double drawn meaning its been processed by hand to reduce short and uneven length hairs which in turn makes the hair easier to work with and produces lush thick hair from the bond to the ends if you are thinking about having hair extensions and would like some advice about the fitting methods available please give us a call or drop in to see us we will help you go through the systems and what would suit you best on your visit to our salon you will meet with one of our girls who will take you through a simple consultation procedure where we can learn a little about your needs and we can explain a few basic points about our hair extensions, during this time you will be able to choose the colour and style of your extensions ready for your fitting.


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