Sammyjo of Longlox is one of the most experienced and dedicated monofibre hair extension specialists in the north of England, Dome monofibre was our very first inroad in fitting hair extensions which was almost ten years ago, Made of acrylic, monofibre hair extensions have been around for over 30 years, and are still one of the top choices for both Hollywood stars and ordinary women who want to look as fabulous as they do in their dreams. If you’ve admired the stunning celebrity styles of big names like Cheryl Cole, Myleen Klass, and Abbey Clancy, you’ve loved the look of monofibre hair extensions in action; these are just some of the stars who have worn and loved monofibre styles.

While many people gravitate towards human hair extensions, this isn’t always the right hair extension solution for everyone. What many people don’t know is that synthetic hair extensions can be just as beautiful, low-maintenance, and natural-looking as human hair, while boosting the thickness and body of your natural hair, which is undamaged by the process. Dome and Pro-styles Monofibre hair extensions are in our opinion the best of these synthetic hair extensions. A synthetic man-made hair which is around three times lighter than human hair, it comes in astonishing array of both natural and eye-popping colours, while being easy to apply and looking gorgeous.

A typical monofibre bond

A typical monofibre bond

One of the highlights of monofibre hair extensions is the wide variety of colours available. Our experienced Longlox specialists are here to help you achieve a fast and very efficient service (no longer than two hours), but their years of experience also make them amazing at colour-matching your natural hair. This is particularly useful, since monofibre is not only great for length; it can also be used as a thickness booster, adding life and shine to lifeless hair and giving limp hair a bouncy boost! Highlights and low-lights can be added in as well, allowing you to achieve any look without dying your natural hair or resorting to chemical solutions. Because monofibre extensions are synthetic hair extensions, you can however dye your natural hair without worrying that it will stain or dye your monofibre, or damage the bonds which hold your extensions in. This gives you absolute freedom to style or change your hair on a whim!

For adventurous types in search of different, dramatic, or even extreme looks, monofibre can’t be beat. Our monofibre colour ring includes a wide range of vibrant, pastel, and even neon colours, so if you’re looking for something truly different, forget the frustration of fading colours or messy dyes, and come in for a microfibre hair extension right here in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Applying monofibre hair extensions couldn’t be easier. Once you arrive looking for hair extensions here in Newcastle, we’ll put you at ease by explaining how monofibre works, how we apply it, and how to take care of it out in your day-to-day life. We go to work once everything is chosen, applying with tiny four way plaits which are sealed in with a heat gun and a drop of liquidised hairspray which is used to crystallise and stabilize the bonds for a long-lasting, low-maintenance look. At Longlox in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we take pride in being as eco-friendly as possible, and the solution we use here is an eco safe, non toxic glue which is safe for both you and the environment. Monofibre hair extensions are also very safe for your natural hair, promoting growth in both thickness and length, while providing its own major boost in the meantime!

Here at Longlox we offer Kids Pamper Parties, and monofibre extensions are a favourite at these events. Safe, reliable, as well as being easy to add in and take care of, monofibre extensions are a fun way for kids to explore their own personal style.

Once in, monofibre will stay looking amazing for three to six months, depending on your natural rate of hair growth. At this point we suggest having it removed and re-applied, ensuring that your hair always looks natural, stunning, and exactly as you want it to. Within the first four weeks of having extensions, we will add any strands free of charge; as the premiere hair extension specialists in Newcastle, our goal is always to have our clients feeling and looking their best, and we know that it can take time for people to get a good look at their monofibre hair extensions and identify any changes they’d like to make. After the first four weeks, infills have a small cost attached – it is best to come in for infills once a month to ensure that your hair is always at its best. When the time comes for removal and reapplication, we also offer half-price removals if you’re going to be re-applying a new full head of extensions the same day.

Monofibre hair extensions are also easy to maintain, no matter your life or your personal style. These extensions can be heat styled up to 160 degrees with most heat appliances, allowing you to style at will without worrying that you will damage your beautiful new tresses. If you’re interested in the big, bouncy, and playful celebrity look, ceramic heated rollers are an easy way to achieve that style while keeping your gorgeous monofibre extensions looking their best. Your experienced Longlox stylist will be able to help you discover the best ways to style your new extensions, whether you’re looking to recreate a celebrity style or just want to look beautiful.

If you think monofibre is the type of hair for you, and would like to book a free, no-obligation consultation, just give us a call. Our friendly Longlox stylists are always happy to help with any questions you might have, and as some of the most talented experienced hair extension stylists in Newcastle, they’re a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to know more about monofibre, or who wants to transform their look with new monofibre hair extensions. We’re proud of the work we do, and we’re passionate about making sure that every single one of our clients leaves us feeling gorgeous and excited about their stunning new look.