Clip in hair extensions

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Longlox Instant Glamour Clip ins

New in for 2017. Human clip-in hair extensions are the latest addition to our range, they are made from the same quality hair we use in our salons and are available in various lengths and weights, we have 20 standard colours to choose from including  two tone balayage! so your sure to find your perfect hair.


our clipins are quick and easy to apply with minimum fuss, they can be fitted by yourself in minutes to add volume and length to your own hair giving fabulous results, there a great way to add a bit glamour to your look for a night out or for special occasions

Longlox instant glamour clip in extensions

The finest quality clip-in extensions available

Longlox Clip In Hair Extensions are made up of strips of wefted 100% human hair that have micro clips sewn in at the top, the clips are a snap fit configuration which pop shut onto your real hair thus attaching the extension, the clips are tiny and are designed to be comfortable and discrete whilst wearing them. The width of each clipin weft will differ according to which part of the head it is to be attached, the wider wefts used around the back of the head with the narrow wefts used at the sides, the amount  needed will depend on the thickness you want to achieve.

There are many ways to fit clipins but the basics are roughly the same: starting around the bottom of the head use a fine tooth comb to gently section the hair into horizontal lines, making sure to pin the higher parted hair out of the way while you work, open the clips on the hair weft and then position it as required, pop the clips which will secure the weft to your real hair,  once you have the extension fitted correctly simply move a little higher to fit the next weft and do the same procedure to fit the whole head, once complete gently brush through your hair taking care not to catch the clips, curl and style as you require.

All our hair packs have fitting instructions  but  if you’re unsure or don’t feel confident about fitting your new clipins we can show you how to do this step by step when you come into our salon.

Our standard Clip in range include

  • 18 inch clip ins 160g – £185.00
  • 22inch clip ins at an amazing 260g – £245.00
  • colour sample swatch £3.40



  •   Jet Black #1
  •   Off Black #1b
  • Darkest Brown #2
  •  Brown #LL11
  •  Medium Brown
  •  Chestnut Brown #LL12
  •  Dark honey Blonde #LL14
  • Bombshell Blonde #24
  •  Ice Grey Blonde #LL13
  • Vibrant Copper #LL15
  • Longlox blonde LL09
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Natural Blonde
  • Ombre Chestnut
  • Ombre Blonde
  • balayage 1 #LL18
  • balayage 2 #LL20
  • balayage 3 #LL19
  • balayage 4 #LL21
  • balayage 5 #LL22


Longlox Tia – 16 & 18 inch 100g human hair

Flip Clip In
Tia hair is an “easy in” ” easy out” hair extension method which can be fitted in just a few minutes, this loop attach hair system is a temporary hair extension that has many positive values as its in or out in no time with no mechanical clamping or glues, to fit simply place the loop wire over your head and pull the cord until the loop fits comfortably on your head, once you have the desired size, remove from your head,  tie the wire into a knot and then cut off the excess wire, you are now able to fit the extension piece over your head and pull your real hair over and through the loop with ease , easy to do and easy to make beautiful hair


Longlox ponytails – 18 inch 100g

Ponytail Thumb

Our longlox ponytails are made from 100% human hair and are another quick and easy method of enhancing your natural hair,  whether you want curly, wavy or poker straight we have a good choice in stock, simply choose your colour and style pull back your real hair and apply, it’s as simple and easy as that

Longlox Clipins, Tia hair & ponytails are inexpensive and are excellent value, they are chic, fashionable and very popular, there mostly worn by people who want beautiful hair in a hurry with low maintenance,

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