HD-Brows at Longlox

HD Brows in Newcastle

hd-brow-beforeWe’ve always been proud to be on the cutting edge here at Longlox, and so we are more than thrilled to announce that we will now be offering HD Brows to our clients! HD Brows are the ultimate in well groomed, high definition eyebrows, and are quickly becoming known as an easy, affordable, and extremely effective way to put celebrity beauty within the reach of ordinary women like you and me – as well as men who realise just what a truly fantastic set of eyebrows can do for their entire look! This celebrity quality treatment is easier and more effective than you could imagine; whether you have bushy brows or over plucked ones, whether they’re too skinny and sparse or just too much for your face, HD Brows will transform them into eyebrows which will frame your face and make your entire look pop!

On its way to becoming the celebrity craze of the decade, HD Brows are brought to you from the official HD Brows people, via our talented and highly trained specialists here at Longlox in Newcastle. HD Brows knows that “eyebrows are as individual as fingerprints”, and in order to achieve the absolute best look for you, you need eyebrows which will pull your entire look together and give you that glamorous, polished, celebrity beauty you’ve been searching for. The unique seven step procedure is designed to transform all unruly or sparse eyebrows into brows which wouldn’t look out of place on a supermodel – and best of all, the look is affordable, and takes only thirty to forty-five minutes out of your busy day! One stop, and your entire look can change with completely bespoke eyebrows which are designed to suit your look, your face, and everything else about you. A combination of seven unique steps and specially designed tinting formulas means that you can get the look you’ve been waiting for.hdbrow-after

The HD Brows technique lies in its unique, seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment which focuses on design and artistry. Involving an innovative combination of techniques (including tinting, waxing, threading, and more), HD Brows is dedicated to giving you eyebrows which lift your face, frame your eyes, and add drama and polish to even your most everyday looks. Our fully trained Longlox technicians will work with you on your facial shape, features, colouring, and more while working with you to create the eyebrow which works best as a crucial part of your entire look – instead of futilely trying to explain the look you’re going for as your technician tries to shape sparse areas into a good-looking eyebrow, you’ll have a look which is tailored exclusively for your own face. You don’t have to take our word for it, either – HD Brows are sweeping the country, and celebrity fans include Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, Emeli Sande, and even one of our favourite bands, the Saturdays! Whoever you are, HD Brows puts that celebrity beauty within your reach. This isn’t just shaping and tidying – this is true eyebrow artistry available for everyone.

HD Brows are not just for women. Plenty of men are realising the difference a well-shaped eyebrow can make for their look, and many of our clients here at Longlox are men! The males of the species have their own eyebrow needs, and we take these into account with all of our happy clients. Being fully trained in the branded HD Brows system means that our girls are always ready to take male brows from grungy to groomed with the short HD Brows for men treatment available right here at Longlox in Newcastle. Tidying, shaping, waxing and tweezing will make your brows look both polished and natural, avoiding both sloppiness and over-management to create the right look for a man who knows how to look his best. If you’re wondering what your eyebrows might look like with an HD Brows treatment, or if you’re worried that you’ll look over groomed, come down to visit us at Longlox and we’ll set your mind at ease!

Many people fear that perfect eyebrows are beyond their reach. Some women worry because they’ve over plucked their sensitive eyebrows, making the delicate hair less likely to grow back and creating a permanent curve which may not suit their face. Others simply have sparse patches in their brows simply due to the way their hair grows; these patches are usually on the outer edges but can be found anywhere, and make it difficult to pull off a really polished eyebrow like they’ve been wanting. With HD Brows, hope is not lost! The innovative techniques have been carefully designed to take sparse patches and faint eyebrows into account, with specially blended tinting formulas and a wide range of techniques to turn your eyebrows into something truly special. There are also techniques to encourage re-growth and pamper your brows back into their natural state, so talk to our Longlox girls if you’re worried! In addition, the HD Brows treatment is usually safe even for the most sensitive skin, but does require a patch test at least 24 hours before the appointment in order to ensure that the treatment is suitable for your unique skin and hair composition.

Once you’ve had a HD Brows treatment with us at Longlox you really will be amazed by the stunning results. Just a single, simple eyebrow treatment thirty to forty-five minutes can revolutionise your look – even if you’v already created a personal style that can turn heads every time you walk dow other street, a HD Brow treatment will be the finishing touch to add polish refinement, and drama to your whole look. Soon you’ll be hooked on this unbeatable eyebrow definition solution – we know that we are! You too can have other celebrity choice and feel like a star by trying out a HD Brow treatment at our salon in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

All of our HD Brow treatments are performed by highly skilled, fully and officially trained technicians who will set you at ease and give you the eyebrows of your dreams.