IPL Treatment

Permanent laser Hair Removal Newcastle upon Tyne

If you want a more permanent solution to hair removal and are fed up of removing unwanted body hair through waxing, shaving and tweezing then we at Longlox have the answer. Through the use of a unique adjustable pulsed light system we are able to disable the hair follicle directly and adjust for all skin and hair colours. Superior to laser treatments the Intense pulsed light (IPL) is harmless to the skin and areas can be treated in just a few seconds.


Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Light energy delivery causes the hair follicle to heat and degrade. Several deliveries of light energy cause further degradation leading to permanent hair reduction and hair removal. The outcome of the Hair Removal treatment application is obvious from the first delivery.

The Intense Pulsed Light IPL is the latest technology on the medical market combining :-
Intelipulse – Flexibility enables safe and effective treatment of skin types I.V. The InteliPulse combination of adjustable power, pulse width, pulse space & pulse count ensures incredibly targeted treatment application.
iCylce – Continuous cooling, single second shot repeat and sapphire crystal delivery are the unique combination of features that make InteliBrite the intelligent IPL system.

Lowest prices for Permanent laser Hair Removal in Newcastle upon Tyne £250!

Your first visit for this service will be a consultation and patch test which will take approximately 45 minutes (Please Note: patch test £25.00 refundable on a full course booking). Once we are satisfied you are suitable for the procedure we will book you in for a course of up to 6 treatments which will be approximately 6 weeks apart.
This offer is for the Permanent Hair removal treatment of one medium sized area, or any two small areas of the body, for example, upper lip and chin is one area or both underarms is another area or the bikini line is another area.

Longlox uses the Intelibrite IPL system for permanent hair removal, this is suitable for most skin types. The Intelibrite is the leading machine in its field and is proven to safely deliver superb results.
The normal appointment time for permanent hair removal treatment is 30 minutes.

This permanent laser hair removal treatment is not painful, although the sensation has been likened to the snap of a rubber band on the skin. However, this feeling subsides momentarily. There is no down time involved with the IPL treatment, The treated area may appear slightly reddened immediately afterwards although this is only a temporary side effect and will return to normal shortly.

Prices From: £250

Minimum Age : 18 years

If you would like more information on Permanent Laser hair Removal, book a procedure or for any other queries please call 0191 2677700 and a member of our staff will be more than happy to help, or you could simply book online.

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Treatment Area Individual Treatment Price Course of 6
(Inc 1 treatmenbt free)
Top up of 3
Lip, Chin, Nipple, Earlobes, Betweet Eyebrows £30.00 £150.00 £75.00
Under Arms – both, lip & chin, jawline 45.00 £225.00 £113.00
Bikini basic (sides only), naval line, sideburns, back of neck £50.00 £250.00 £125.00
G-string (sides, top and under bottom) £60.00 £300.00 £150.00
Half Arm, Brazillian (strip) £70.00 £350.00 £175.00
Chest, upper or lower back, full arm, holywood (all off) £100.00 £500.00 £250.00
Half Legs £110.00 £550.00 £275.00
Three Quarter Legs £120.00 £600.00 £300.00
Full back, full legs £150.00 £750.00 £375.00