graphHere at Longlox, we wanted to make sure that we had the best teeth whitening services in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and so we did our research.
The best wasn’t good enough for us; we wanted to provide teeth whitening which would leave our clients smiling from ear to ear with their new look. Our research turned up the same results time and time again: if wanted the best of the best, the right teeth whitening system for us was – and is – Hollywood Whitening. This top tier teeth whitening system is based around laser whitening techniques, and is the most popular and trusted road to whiter teeth in the UK today. Using a first class medical device, Hollywood Whitening will give you real results in less than one hour; one visit, no fuss, and a smile you can be proud of. Instead of spending a fortune on endless visits or wasting time on messy at-home formulas you have to use over and over to see a difference, you simply drop by Longlox Salon right here in Newcastle and see a new you within an hour.

Not only is it convenient and affordable, but it works. Studies show that one Hollywood Whitening treatment improves the shade of teeth by 200 per cent, versus 160 per cent for other laser systems, or 100 per cent for home whitening kits. (Whitening toothpaste comes in at an underwhelming 40 per cent.) When the affordable, easy option is also the most effective, we believe the decision is clear! We take pride in all we do, and we’re proud of being able to offer Hollywood Whitening in Newcastle.

Although genetic stains can be difficult to remove entirely, Hollywood Whitening is effective on a wide range of everyday staining, like coffee or nicotine, speckling caused by fluoride, or even medicinal staining from medicines such as tetracycline. One treatment is almost always all it takes to brighten your smile, though some very serious cases can take two. Veneers and crowns can also be treated – however, since the whitening treatment removes stains rather than chemically lightening, it will not change the colour of new veneers or crowns, and will only remove stains. Whether the staining is new, or you’ve been holding your hand over your mouth for most of your life, you’ll be able to achieve that winning celebrity smile you’ve been dreaming of without breaking the bank. Over 100,000 people in the UK try teeth whitening every year, and those who are happy with the procedure are, overwhelmingly, happy because they chose the right system of whitening. Instead of being disappointed with uneven results, try the right system, the first time. IMG_0477_small

The Hollywood Whitening procedure is efficient, safe, and pain-free as well as being effective. No side effects to the system have ever been reported, aside from a minor sensitivity which (if it appears at all) will fade within a day or so. This alone makes it stand out from the alternatives, which often include either abrasive particles which may wear away your enamel and actually increase the potential for staining in the future, or hydrogen peroxide, which is potentially carcinogenic and may weaken teeth over time. A bright smile is a wonderful thing, but only if it’s a healthy smile as well, and our Hollywood Whitening services here in Newcastle promise both..