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Come train in the most instagrammable supersalon!

Hi, I’m Sammyjo Pearson, owner of Longlox Hair Extensions, I have been a fully qualified hair extension specialist since 2004 and now I’m excited to pass on everything I have learnt over the past 18 years.

I completed my first hair extension course when I was just 15 and from that day my passion for hair extensions grew knowing it would be my life long career leading to me eventually teaching others. Over the past 18 years I have completed many hair extension courses keeping up with the latest and safest methods on the market. Completing numerous courses has allowed me to perfect my own, ensuring my students get the very best out of their day at Longlox training academy.

Within the training academy we offer many hair extension courses ranging from beginners fitting to master classes and in depth cutting, all aspects of the courses are explained thoroughly, and I work at my students own pace, as well as always making the day fun filled!

Once you have trained with us you will be rewarded with a Longlox certificate and be welcomed into the Longlox trade family! You will then have full access to our trade pricelist meaning you can purchase hair from us at a discounted price to fit your own clients. All of our hair is stocked within our warehouse so you can make orders for delivery any day of the week or same day for local pick up.

We are a super reliable company and are always here for any queries you might have when fitting your own clients, we have so much passion for what we do and love to help others within the hair industry.

To start your new venture book your training course with us today! You will not be disappointed!


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